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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Painting

Hey Frnds, look at my painting...

U can also have your @

Monday, July 28, 2008

Get Free Ferrari stickers (with free shiping)

Yes ,

Shell motors is giving us FREE ferrari stickers without a peny.
With free shiping.

Shell Motorsport celebrates the start of the 2007 Formula One season and its ongoing partnership with Ferrari by offering you brand new free stickers.

(Its My sticker set ^^^)

Don't miss this exclusive set featuring the F2007 and the new driver, Kimi Räikkönen.

Fans who ordered the previous set can now broaden their collection with this new set.

You can order them from here

click >>

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Download torrents Without Torrent Client!

A unique online service called Torrent2exe allows users to download torrents without having to install a torrent client by converting the torrent file into a standalone EXE file. Using Torrent2exe is very simple. Copy the URL of the torrent file or browse to the location of the torrent file in your hard disk to automatically upload it to their site. Once you they have got the URL of the torrent file, they will convert it into a self extracting EXE file.

Here you get the option to select the size of the EXE file to be downloaded. Suppose you want to see a movie. What will you require? A media player and the movie. Now you get two choices.

Firstly, you download the movie and the media player, which needs to be downloaded only once. Subsequent movie downloads do not require you to download the movie player since you have already downloaded it.

However, if you move to another computer you will need to download the movie player once again. This is the "small size".

In the second choice, you download the movie along with the media player every time you download a new movie. This is the "normal size"

After you have download the converted EXE file, just run it and it will automatically start downloading the torrent.

The standalone EXE file makes it easier for people to share files and applications on the Internet. You can publish the EXE files on your site or blog to make the downloads easy for visitors, send EXE files to your friends who don't want to be bothered with installing the client.

Torrent2exe is available both as an online service and as a desktop application.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Get all your serials

YouSerials is a search engine for software serials. The idea is to have a backup of all software registration numbers that we use. Each serial key can be voted on by other users, increasing or decreasing its reputation based on its authenticity. It’s also useful if your Operating system had crashed and you need a reinstall but don’t have all the serials stored or are lost.

Avira Antivir Personal Edition Premium 6 Month Serial

The Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Premium enhances the comprehensive protection of the Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Classic (Freeware, basic function) by important security and comfort functions and protects you against viruses, worms, Trojans, ad/spy ware and dialers. Now the product is comes with AntiPhishing and Rootkit protection.

If you wish to have this product here is how you will get a genuine license key for 6 month for free.

Go to this page and enter your name and a valid email address. Avira will send you a link to download the License file (HB EDV.KEY) and the Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Premium. You will be prompted to import the license file during the installation of your Avira product.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Use Proxies in Windows(working 100%)

Go to control panel
1)phone modem options
3)In Providers, click Microsoft H.323 Telephony Service Provider, and then click Configure.
4)In Configure H.323 Service Provider
5)To specify an H.323 proxy, select the Use H.323 proxy, and then type the server name or IP address for the proxy.

Try google for available proxy IP /servers...
this is a easy way of using private proxy with windows... plus its more secure than public CGI ones :D

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Mirror For Google

We know the Internet is the world of information and Entertainment. But some times we find some websites stands out only for making fun. Here is a website that can make fun with Google.
ElgooG is a website which makes an image of Google. This site absolutely looks like Google as seen in a mirror. You can feel this while typing key words also. First get a mirror if you use this site.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Schedule Future Posts on Blogger

We’ve often heard that sometimes you’d like to write a post now and have it automatically published at some time in the future. We listened, and are pleased to say that this feature is ready for you to try out on Blogger in draft.

Publishing a post in the future is pretty simple: in the post editor, reveal the Date and Time fields using the “Post Options” toggle and enter a post date and time that is in the future. When you then click the “Publish” button, your post will become “scheduled.” When the date and time of the post arrive, your post will be automatically published to your blog.

Your scheduled posts appear in your Edit Posts list alongside your drafts and published posts. To un-schedule a post, simply save it as a draft any time before it gets published.

Remember: Like all features described on this blog, Scheduled Posts only work when you’ve logged in to

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